This blog will explain step by step the entire Stem Cell Transplant process! Enjoy!

Here is a little about me….

My name is Cory Smallegan. I am 22 years old and live in Grand Rapids, MI. Up until late 2010 my life couldn’t have been on more of a high. I built a house in the summer and got married in the fall. My music career was just ramping up and I got called out to audition in front of the producers of American Idol and America’s Got Talent.

At this point, I was diagnosed with CIDP – the chronic form of Guillain Barre Syndrome. This autoimmune disorder attacks the myelin sheath around the nerves, leaving muscles atrophied and nerves exposed to pain. At first, my feet were numb, but by the time I flew out to LA for my audition my vocal cords were affected, and I began to notice a decline in my voice. A few weeks later the neuropathy got worse and I could no longer run. I continued to worsen.

I have tried the traditional treatments, but they are just bandaids that have not done much for me. Today my arms and legs are affected, I walk with difficulty, deal with constant pain, and my voice remains hoarse.

I thought there was no hope, until I discovered Dr Burt’s program at Northwestern University Hospital of which I have just recently been accepted as eligible for the protocol! Dr Burt has treated hundreds of patients with all kinds of autoimmune diseases. He treats the root of the problem by basically rebooting the immune system to erase the bad ‘autoimmune file’. Although still in late stages of clinical trials, this is now the frontline of treatments against auto-immune disorders. He has successfully treated hundreds of patients with advanced forms of lupus, multiple sclerosis, diabetes 1, scleroderma, and CIDP – to name just a few. I am personally in touch with several people who were worse off than me and are now leading normal lives. I too dream of this opportunity. Unfortunately insurance companies are lagging painfully behind as the industry is based on profit rather than good health care.

I am so thrilled and feel so lucky to have this chance to heal and get my life back, as I see people with CIDP suffering for years on end, and those who have gone through Dr Burt’s program healed and back to their normal lives.

I love to sing and cannot wait to get my voice back ( here is a video of me singing ‘pre-CIDP’ ).



For further information on CIDP and the protocol itself, please see the following links :

on CIDP :

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website of a CIDP Patient cured by Dr Burt :

article on first CIDP patient cured by Dr Burt 6 years ago :


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